I’m Going to Die in the Walmart Parking Lot

This is installment one of “The 99 quirks of Lulu”.

I’m know these are not at BP related. Some of them are anxiety related. Others stem from life experiences. And the rest, well, I don’t know.

  1. I can only wear found or gifted jewelry. If I wear jewelry that I bought for myself, it always either breaks or gets lost.
  2. When sitting in a public place, I try to position myself so it would be difficult for a person to come up from behind me. We’s don’t want no surprises. No, seriously though. I’m pretty paranoid.
  3. I can’t make eye contact when I’m telling a story. It’s not symptomatic of anything. I just can’t take in any visual information when I’m trying to give out verbal information.
  4. I have to have a minimal amount of background noise when I’m working on something. The more tedious and repetitive the task is, the more sound I require.
  5. I have serious claustrophobia. I hate elevators. I will walk six flights of stairs to avoid it (I’ve done it). I have nightmares about getting trapped in a tiny space. No matter how badly I want to get home, I’ll let a crowded bus pass to get on a later, less crowded one.
  6. I am obsessed with office supplies. I cannot resist a sale. I hoard them.
  7. I am so particular about my pens that I will only use specific brands, with gel ink, and only in 0.7 tip.
  8. I have been wearing the same Capricorn pendant for 10 years. C.S. bought me a Taurus pendant at a craft sale 4 years ago and I haven’t taken it off since. I’m very superstitious about it. Every time I forgot to put it back on, something bad has happened. Last time was C.S.’s car accident.
  9. I practice natal astrology. It can peg a person every time.
  10. I put my hand in front of my mouth a lot. Ethology would call me a liar. But really, I’m just trying to hide.
  11. I have a really difficult time lying. It produces an intolerable physical response, so I don’t do it unless I really have to protect myself.
  12. I’ve bitten my bottom lip since I had teeth. I have pictures to prove it.
  13. I am so particular about shoes that I only buy tennis shoes every three years. And that’s after they start taking on water. This is partially because my feet are abnormally wide, although they’re not very big. It takes a lot to find a comfortable, stylish shoe.
  14. I honestly believe I’m going to die in some ridiculous, unbelievable accident or situation. I have this scenario about how I’m going to die in the Walmart parking lot. If you want to hear about it, ask in the comment section.
  15. The numbers 1, 5, and 14 follow me everywhere. The bus number I’m on – 5157. I’m on a bus everyday that starts with 51. My birthday 1/14. My husband’s birthday 5/14. Just strange as hell. Coincidentally, no lie, this just happened to be 15!
  16. I am a camel. I can hold it for hours on end. Longest held? 16 hours. I was 13, and stuck in a car with my parents on the way to Florida who refused to stop until we got there. By Virginia, everything below my waist was numb.
  17. I have always had a problem regulating body functions. I can’t fall asleep, and then I can’t wake up. I am always thirsty, but I have difficulty knowing when I’m hungry. Sometimes, if I’m busy enough, I’ll forget to eat until I have hunger pains.
  18. I have an incredible internal clock. I always know what time it is. Or maybe I’m just very observant of the position of the sun.
  19. I yell at inanimate objects.
  20. I can get a vibe from someone and know instantly if we’re incompatible. I don’t discriminate. I can be on the phone or over the internet and know. It is in the way a person addresses me.
  21. I am the only person that does the dishes and folds the laundry. It has to be done in a certain way. My clothes have to be sorted by graphic tee’s, solid tees, and color. My jeans are assorted by thickness.
  22. I have twilight blindness. I can’t see things correctly during that time of day.
  23. I carry my person journal on my person at all times.  You never know when you’ll be inspired.  You also never know when someone wants to take a peek at your dirty little secrets.
  24. I used to make wishes.  My wishes have always come true, but in a Twilight Zone kind of way.  There was always some kind of catch that ruined it all.  Remember the episode about the man who just wanted to be left alone to read his books?  And he got his wish, but then his glasses broke and he was all alone.  It’s a lot like that.  So I don’t anymore because I know there will be consequences.
  25. I have a cat that wipes my tears away when I cry.  He paws my face without claws.
  26. I think it’s ridiculous to give a kid a weird first name.  So, in case my kid want a weird name, I gave him a weird middle name.
  27. I think the most random thoughts.  For instance, my husband and I were once talking about daily activities that burn calories.  I asked him, “How many calories do you think a seizure burns?”  Today, we were talking about how we were going to manage to find a girlfriend for another friend.  He’s kind of nerdy, so I said, “Maybe I should start telling these girls he has money?  Do you think that would help?  It worked for Bill Gates!  How much money does someone have to have before they stop being a nerd?”  Honestly, I want to know these things.
  28. Flashing lights drive me nuts.  Imagine me verses a strobe light.  I have a message indicator that is driving me crazy on my voicemail right now.  But I just don’t feel like listening to it.
  29. I have to sleep with my feet outside of the covers.  My feet are my temperature control.  If they’re too hot, then I’m too hot.
  30. I am almost always barefoot when I can help it.  You see, my depth perception is terrible.  In order to not trip and fall all of the time, I use the sensations in my feet to guide me.
  31. I count stairs.  I can tell you the amount of stairs that are on every stairwell that I encounter frequently.  13 in my house.  14 in my parent’s basement and 16 to the upstairs.  And 10 each going up each floor at work, with eight leading into the building.
  32. Every clock I have that isn’t set to a satelight is set randomly ahead.  I don’t know the real time, so I have to assume that what I’m looking at is the real time.  This is how I trick myself into being early.
  33. I am an organizational freak, not a neat freak.  Everything in it’s right place.  I want to know where I can find anything on a moments notice.
  34. I am extremely scheduled.  I have to do things at certain times or else my day isn’t going to go right.
  35. I am obsessed with the weather.  Especially during hurricane season.  It is absolutely fascinating.
  36. I collect odd things from places I travel to.  In fact, I have sand from Myrtle Beach in a baby food jar with a little ceramic turtle with a little straw hat sitting on my desk.  I went to a theme park in California that was selling as many rocks as you could fit in a tiny bag with a drawstring.  I have a collection of decorative boxes from various places.
  37. Old world maps tickle my fancy.  It’s amazing to see how differently people viewed the world in those days.
  38. I believe in the power of hematite.  Hematite supposedly absorbs negative energy.  To clear the energy from the hematite, you bury it in the ground for several days to return it back to the earth.  I actually had a hematite ring shatter once.  I was going through a really bad time.
  39. I cannot spill a drink without freaking out about it.
  40. I hate the smell of raw onions.  It is intolerable.
  41. Perfume is my best friend.  I have this fear that I smell bad.  So everything I use is scented.  Lotion, bodywash, shampoo, deodorant, body spray, perfume, anything you can name.
  42. I don’t like wearing jeans.  I prefer skirts and what would be considered a house dress.  But, I live in Pennsylvania and we have two seasons here.  Winter and construction, also known as summer.  Jeans are required dress.
  43. I cannot stand getting my face went unless I’m fully submerged.  That means, I hate any kind of precipitation, with the exception of a good summer downpour.  Now that’s a way to get wet!
  44. I can’t stand when my husband uses my toothbrush or razor.  So I intentionally buy pink colored items so he doesn’t use them.  It’s not manly.
  45. Everytime I dye my hair, I always have to do a trim.  So, I take a sample of the hair and I keep it in a ziplock with the date on it.  That way, I can always keep an assessment of my hair color at any period of time.
  46. I like having certain imperfections.  My hair is cut choppy and asymmetrical with a weird part for a reason.  I love the scars that I didn’t inflict upon myself.  I have stretch marks all over my body for various reasons (growth spurts, pregnancy, etc).  I love when my dark blonde roots come in against my white blonde hair.  And I especially love my eyes.  They are each split in half in color.  One part is green-gold and the other part is blue grey.  Maybe people think I look like a mess, but I think I look real.
  47. The noise of someone biting their nails is like nails on a chalkboard to me.  Ugh.
  48. I can predict the weather based on previous injuries.  When my hips and knees hurt, a serious storm is coming.  I’ve never been wrong.
I imagine you have quirks too.  Maybe you identify with some of mine.  So tell me, what are yours?

8 thoughts on “I’m Going to Die in the Walmart Parking Lot

  1. You made me laugh and almost cry. I can relate to some of them. I have my own quirks, we all have them, some more than others. I have never thought of writing them down, I’d probably obsess about them if I did and or laugh hysterically over them. Maybe I’ll jot a few down and get back to you.

    • I had been thinking about it a lot in the past few months. I’m very attuned to picking up my differences from others, because I don’t want others to notice. So, I started keeping a log of all of my weirdness. At first, it was kind of embarrassing. Now, it’s hilarious.

      Some I can elaborate on, because I know how it developed. Like #5. I was working in a commercial bakery that had the tiniest little freezer. This freezer was packed, and it was difficult to navigate. If the door closed on you all the way, the fans would start going. The temperature was always about 0. One time, I got stuck between two racks for about 30 seconds with the fans going. I panicked because I was closing alone. What if a rack fell on me? I’d be trapped in a subzero freezer for 8 hours until the next shift! I started propping open the freezer after that. If the temperature goes above 32, an alarm goes off in the office.

  2. I can certainly relate to a lot of them! In particular numbers: 6, 8, 19, 21, 27, 39, & 48.

    #6: self-explanatory. But I’ve met several people with a stationary fetish.

    #8: Mine is a Celtic cross with a black opal stone. I do change out necklaces without disasters, but I always come back to this one pretty quickly.

    #19: Well, they don’t yell back. Hopefully.

    #21: I do have particulars about laundry, but since I hurt my arms, I am reliant on my husband. So I supervise him. Things are washed in order of dirt level and sub-order of color. I have different baskets for clean and dirty clothes. And hands must be washed before handling clean clothes. I HATE laundromats.

    #27: I think we all have random thoughts. I can’t think of any right now, but I know I have them. It usually has something to do with D&D or Dr Who. As for nerds… they are a special breed. Give them a small social circle of their own kind and an income of at least 50-60k a year and they become geeks. Geeks RULE! 😉

    #39: I used to be punished pretty harshly as a child for spilling drinks. If I spill one now, I yell at myself pretty good. 😦

    #48: I was in a car accident and I broke a lot of body parts. My back is the most telling. When a low pressure system comes in, the disk swells and presses on my sciatic nerve. It’s not a 100% accurate because it can hurt for other reasons. Since I injured my elbow and wrist, they act up during storms but don’t give me any warning. 😦

    Somewhat related to #27… we characterize people with D&D stats. You can always tell when someone has low/high charisma, wisdom, or intelligence. Strength, constitution, and dexterity are often more difficult to identify. There’s also spot checks, listen checks, and search checks, plus the saving throws: fortitude, reflex, and will. I once tripped over a rope but didn’t fall. I told my husband that I failed my spot check but made my reflex save. Yes, I’m a geek, and proud of it!

    BTW, if you didn’t understand a word of the last paragraph, it’s OK. The prerequisite for understanding is to be a RPG (role playing game) geek. We don’t have a lot of nerds. They have to transform into geeks or we kick them out. 😉

    • Sorry, this took awhile.

      #19: My toilet sings back.

      #21: I do the same thing. Some things need a presoak. Some things need hand washed. I’m not taking any chances.

      #27: I have nothing wrong with geeks. I’m still a total geek on the inside. I speak L33t speak and still long to return to playing D&D and WoW. But I’m reformed.

      #39: Sometimes I freak out and cry. LOL. And now I feel bad because I do it to my kid.

      #48: I got hit by a car a week before my 11th birthday. I was in an immobilizer brace on my leg for a month and on crutches for two. It has still been my most serious injury to date. But I have knock knees, so that gave me tendonitis. Everytime the weather turns, my knees feel it bad. I have it down so well that I can almost pinpoint the exact time. Right now, it’s between a few hours when the front is going to come in.

      Back to #27: We do the same thing. It’s hilarious. I totally understand. I LOVE RPGS!

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  4. I love your list! And, I love your term “Jewdistian”! I’ve never heard that word before. I’m a Jewdistian, too, I suppose. Funny….

    I count steps, one foot must stay outside of the covers for temperature control, and I freak out about spilled drinks, too. I have synesthesia so my entire world is one big sensory experience. Certain words, when spoken aloud, cause me to feel physical sensation–scientists think that synesthesia is caused by faulty wiring in the brain. I have a few forms of it. Anyway, if someone says the word “dildo” out loud, it feels like earth worms are crawling in my esophagus. No, I’m not uptight about it. There’s a city named Dildo in Canada. But still….::shudder:: While the word “balaclava” gives me strange feelings of euphoria….every time!

    Oh, and don’t get me started on folding the laundry!!!! Oh…it’s so nice to know I’m not the only one…Oh, and I have to vacuum underneath the couch cushions once a week because I KNOW there are nasty things under there….;)

    • Synesthesia. I’m only vaguely familiar with the term. It sounds, well, interesting from my perspective. I really can’t wait to get to your blog!

      As for the quirks, I just thought it was really interesting. How many other people have quirks? And how many have the same? It seems like we have quite a few in common!

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