Our New Home

We had a fantastic run.  It was a wild ride.  But, we’ve moved on.  As the Pendulum Swings is now a retired blog, making way for Sunny with a Chance of Armageddon.

sunnystampAs the Pendulum Swings started out as a blog that followed the journey of a woman deeply affected by bipolar disorder.  I sought to share my personal experiences with it and how it affected my life in major ways.  Largely, I did.

Eventually, it came to adopt my creative writing and graphic art with it.  As the Pendulum Swings branched out into all mediums of conveying this same message – bipolar disorder has significant challenges for a mother, a wife, a teacher, and a woman in general.

As the Pendulum Swings followed me through some dark places.  But, it remained a tale about a woman, and became too detailed and personal, only focusing on the negatives.

Last year, our family made the decision to move.  Our environment had become completely toxic, and was hurting everyone.  We moved from a busy, urban landscape to a more remote, suburban / rural area.  Our house was lovely, surrounded by trees and all the beauty of nature.  It provided a new, serene start.

That was when I made the decision to move my writing over to Sunny with a Chance of Armageddon.  The Pendulum had come to represent an ongoing struggle.  Sunny represented the “weather” of bipolar disorder.  And it was the perfect new beginning.

I do hope that you enjoyed reading As the Pendulum Swings, and that you will come and join us at Sunny with a Chance of Armageddon, now a Freshly Pressed blog.

Thanks for your readership.

Any thoughts to contibute?

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