Graphic Media and Other Blog-Improvements

I’d like to add some more graphics to my posts and have recently been inspired to do so.  Unfortunately, it’s 2am.  And can anyone help me out with that whole drop down thingy?  I’d like to start building the Meet the Community page.

One thought on “Graphic Media and Other Blog-Improvements

  1. Can totally help you with the drop-down. First off, it depends on what your theme will support. I honestly don’t know that there’s any way to test this one except trial-and-error. I banged my head into a wall for about an hour before I figured it out, but I’m a slow learner. 🙂

    Here’s how you find out (and if it doesn’t work, it isn’t wasted work, because it transfers to your new theme – at least it did with mine). Dashboard, then Pages (menu to the left). Expand this if it’s collapsed. Click Add New. Now, to your right, second box down is Page Attributes. Under Parent, the box should read (no parent). Click the arrow and you will get a menu of your pages. You’re going to want your Meet Our Community page as your parent page.

    Other Items of note – depending on how you want your drop-down pages ordered, you can use the third item in the box, Order. Otherwise I think they’re ordered alphabetically by default (this also applies to your main pages). Additionally, so far I have only “nested” two drop-downs, i.e. Main Page, drop-down, then a drop-down from that (although with my menus it’s more rightly a drop-over), but it’s my understanding that you can do this basically ad infinitum.

    Good luck, let me know about any other questions or clarifications!

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