Lulu’s Other Projects

I am continuously craving stimualtion.  So, in my spare time between blogging, my domestic duties, and work, I embark on other projects.

There projects include:

This is to say the least.  I hope you will enjoy these as much as I have creating them.

5 thoughts on “Lulu’s Other Projects

  1. I want to just like this page and leave a deep, thoughtful comment later – because I am brain dead right now – but I don’t see an option for that. Insightful comment coming soon (hopefully).

  2. These pictures are great! I love the word collages. Perhaps I will have to try this Picnick thing you speak of. Great looking couple too. I hope one day I meet someone that’s as good a fit for me.

    • My two favorites are “So Damn Lucky” and “I am Colorblind” – both word collages. “I am Colorblind” took me like 6 or more hours to complete. It was really difficult to get the words like that. In some parts, I had to do it word by word.

      I have to redo these pages because I have so much more graphic art that I’ve done for Pendulum on each page. So I’m going to have to seperate them into two section, obviously.

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