Luluisms Dictionary

First Edition: 08/30/2011
Last Update: 12/24/2011

I like the bend the rules in the English language. That’s how new words get invented, right? So, there may be some confusion concerning initials, terms, and acronyms I may use. That’s why you should always consult the Luluisms Dictionary!

People I Frequently Refer To:
C.S. – my husband
T.D. – my son
MIL – my mother-in-law
FIL – my father-in-law
Lulu – my blog identity
T.M. – my real identity
Em – also my real identity
Rents – my parents
Rs – my husband’s best friend

Invented Terms

Note – I cannot be certain that I actually invented these terms, but I can say that they originated in my own imagination.

Norms – individuals or groups of individuals who have not experienced mental illness first-hand or otherwise

Manslation – what I suppose the underlying meaning of a man’s words are. A play on “man” and “translation”.

Manslator – a built in mechanism that all women are born with that can be honed to perform Manslation. In short, Bullshit Radar.

Doctorspeak – what I suppose the underlying meaning of a doctor’s words are.

Bleeper – an alternative word to calling someone or something a swear word. You can use your imagination here.

Bleeping – specifically, an alternative word for a form of the F-word.

Fluck – a combination of f***ing luck.  It indicates bad luck or misfortune due to bad choices.

Shinies – originates from the term shiny and new. Used to describe unnecessary and eye catching distractions

Jewdistian – a blend of Jewish and Christian

Non-Dx – refers to the population that do not carry a diagnosis of any kind.

There are three lives that I lead:

NBPL – Non-bipolar life. This refers to all of my public life as T.M. That encompasses my career, my social life, and my internet identity as T.M.

BPE – bipolar existence. This refers to portions of my life where I incorporate bipolar disorder. That would mostly cover me as Lulu, but also includes my family life outside my household and my social life where people are aware.

IPL or IRL – personal life or in real life. This refers to mostly my home life which would only include immediate family members.

Dx – diagnosis

Frequently Appearing Terms

Bricked – when a smartphone becomes a very expensive paperweight, either through physical or mechanical damage

The Voice – refers to the monologue or dialogue that happens as an auditory manifestation of one’s own conscious thought.  Typically, The Voice is not kind.

Sidebar – a warning that a side issue is about to appear mostly relevant to the topic at hand.  It can usually be skimmed through.

Blowout – a better substitution for an uncontrollable temper tantrum

Frequently Appearing Acronyms

PDD-NOS – Pervasive Development Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified

ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder

FB – Facebook

CIN – another term for cervical dysplasia, aka precancer in the woman parts

LEEP – a surgical procedure for cervical dysplasia

HPV – Human Papillomavirus, a very common STD that may cause cervical cancer

BB – Blackberry Smartphone

WTF – What the f***

FML – F*** my life.

Popular Media References

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? – reference is used to parallel my marriage with the movie / play

A Marilyn Moment – a vulgar reference to Marilyn Monroe’s accidental overdose on medication. Means to over-medicate because previous doses were considered to be ineffective at the time, or a person forgot that a previous dose was taken

Empath – an individual who seemingly has a sixth sense which functions as a sponge for other individual’s emotions.  This term was popularized by the original Star Trek, and again in Star Trek : The Next Generation.  In Star Trek : The Next Generation, it was an ability that the race of Betazoids possessed.

The Pendulum – see link for a complete explanation. Often slang for The Pit and the Pendulum – by Edgar Allan Poe

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