We’ve Moved to the Sunny Side!

Dear Present and Future Subscribers,

We’ve moved to a new blog called “Sunny with a Chance of Armageddon”.

Click to go to Lulu’s new website!

Join me at the new site!

Pendulum will remain open for reference on Sunny.  However, some posts will be password protected, since I am going completely public very soon with my personal identity.  If you are interested in having the password, feel free to email me at:  lulu.em.stark@gmail.com

I want to thank everyone for their loyalty, support, and following over the past year.  It is just time for me to move on in a different direction, and I think Sunny can help me do that.  I do hope that you will come and follow over at Sunny for more stories, narratives, blog projects, and information.  It’s been a pleasure to write for you in the past year.  And I appreciate all of you.  Thank you again.

Remember, it’s http://sunnywithachanceofarmageddon.wordpress.com !


3 thoughts on “We’ve Moved to the Sunny Side!

    • I did write a little post about it, but I don’t feel as if that really covered it. There are several reasons. First, Pendulum had become a sore point in my marriage. I had really deviated from the original purpose and was blatantly disregarding his privacy. Instead of being a narrative of life situations and an inner monologue, it had essentially turned into a bitch book of sorts. I had lost all perspective and it showed through my posts.

      Pendulum was also a sore spot in my marriage and deviating from it’s original post for this reason. Pendulum was never meant to be my exclusive support network, and yet, it had become that way. I realize that I started Pendulum for the exact reason that I didn’t have a support group available to me in my real life. And if I did, I’ll tell you it was shoddy at best. But, Pendulum had managed to suck the intimacy out of my relationship, just by the very fact that I came here to confide in others, before I had confided in my husband.

      I appreciate what he’s trying to do now. He wants to be the keystone in my support network. He wants to know these dark things that I’ve copped to here. And I think I did him a serious disservice by kind of boxing him out. That’s another way Pendulum became a problem. I had pushed him out nearly completely. I had stopped giving chances for him to get involved.

      He wants that now. I know it took him awhile to get to this point, but I think he’s finally starting to see how the BP really affects all of our lives in this family. And I think more than anything is that he sees me trying. I think he thinks that it’s about high time he starts trying too. I noticed that he wants to come to important appointments now, meaning ones that are more than a med check. He’s been trying to find outlets for me by finding a local martial arts studio. He’s been encouraging me to go interview for this job I’m nervous about. And none of this is out of a place of practicality. Because in reality, taking me to appointments takes time from work. I still have three months of unemployment left. It’s all for me.

      I think it’s all great. But, I think he has been hurt for a long time that Pendulum was my number one. So, one day I mentioned I didn’t think I was going to write anymore. When I continued writing, he seemed disappointed. And that’s where I drew the line. He comes first. If he’s uncomfortable with it and feels like he’s competing, then it’s time to move on.

      It was time. I needed to recenter my focus on something more positive. Pendulum was becoming toxic. So, again, we’re moving on!

Any thoughts to contibute?

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