Remember exactly four months ago when I wrote Bricked, describing how my Blackberry bit the big one, for no apparent reason?  This Blackberry Bold 9780 has now frozen.  Worse than the Blackberry Curve 3G did.

At least that one had some minimal functionality.  For instance, the trackpad was the only thing that was frozen.  So, I could cleverly use the keys to navigate and at least make calls.  It held me until I could get the new one, just before Santa came.

No, this one is completely frozen, despite all attempts to troubleshoot.  Don’t bother with any technical suggestions.  Unfortunately, I am well acquainted with troubleshooting a Blackberry.  And I’ve successfully brought some back to life.  You know, after third party applications crashed it.  Reinstall the OS.  That’s what they make SIM cards for.  Things like that.

So, this is my second defective Blackberry in less than six months.  I’m fed up with it.  I was loyal to RIM and defended Blackberry when everyone bragged about their iPhones and Androids.  “Could you hand two hundred some emails a day?”  “My phone still has an external keyboard.  Awesome for texting.”

No, even the external keyboard is not worth my sanity like this.  I live and breathe through a smartphone.  I rely on it.  Yeah, it’s sad to say, but who doesn’t anymore?  (Answer is not required.  It was rhetorical.)  I’m lost.  Get Google Maps App up.  I need to check the spelling of a word, or get a synonym.  Get the Dictionary App up.  Text, email, WordPress, Pandora – all necessities in my life.

Do you know what’s even worse?  I had to argue with T-mobile to get them to drop their $20 processing fee.  C’mon people!  It’s not my fault!  Other people have their phones for over two years with minimal problem.  And I have mine for four months?  The one prior lasted me eight months!  This is ridiculous!

And when I expressed that I was wholly unsatisfied with the Blackberry models, and asked if I could have a comparable Android, they told me no.  No, I couldn’t.  “Unfortunately, under the manufacturers warranty, I can only replace your current phone with the same or a similar model.”  Are you freakin’ serious!?

I remember back in the day, about six years ago, my ex was having serious problems with his phone.  I mean, a phone he had to send back three times in a month.  And finally, they said, “Would you like to pick out a different phone?”  It clearly wasn’t working out, and has serious bugs.  And they allowed him to do so.

If I’m meeting problems with a phone every four months or so, don’t you think it would be reasonable to offer another phone?  Because you know what T-mobile is going to do with mine?  They are going to refurbish it, and resell it.  It’s not as if they are really losing any money.  Meanwhile, I’m stuck paying for a data plan I can’t even use.

I’m done with T-mobile.  I am really sick of it.  Their customer service is awful.  Their phones are defective.  They are completely unreasonable when it comes to customer requests.  They no longer offer a “bill me later” option when it comes to upgrades.  Yeah, they want it up front, whether you decide the phone isn’t for you in the time period you bought it or not.  And their phone selection for upgrades is far behind their competitors.

No wonder the owner is so eager to unload this on someone.  I would have to say that their business practices are shady at best.

So, for the next few days, I’m going to be roughing it with an old school Motorola.  Or some other flip phone of that nature.

I should see my phone probably sometime next week.  Until then, it’s probably likely that I’ll mostly be off the grid, save for a few moments when I can check my email.

Until then, everyone be well.  Know that I am fine.  I am just extremely perturbed.  And I’m likely cleaning house or reading a book.  At least I’ll have some time to update my journal.  Even when I have no music for my long commute.  Ugh.

9 thoughts on “Kaput

  1. That is beyond frustrating! Can you speak to someone in management about getting a different phone… or cancelling your plan because they SUCK. We spend so much money in these cell phones that they very well should come with AMAZING customer service. There are too many cell phone companies out there to choose from, you would think that they would bend over backwards to keep you as a customer.
    I recently switched to Sprint and got their version of the Droid… I like it but texting on touch screen is a PIA and I wish that they would change that… other than that, I love it.
    Let us know when you are fully back so we know all is good! And try to not pull your hair out. ♥

    • I tried. They wouldn’t budge. I’m sick of it. I really, really am. I didn’t want to bash T-mobile too much in the post, just in case, you know?

      T-mobile used to have amazing customer service. I’d call them, and because I had been with them for so long, they would pull a lot of strings for me. Any issue I had would be resolved completely to my satisfaction. They don’t even ask at the end of the call if the matter has been resolved to my satisfaction. In this case, no, it hasn’t.

      T-mobile seems to think that because I’m in a double line two year contract with them, that they have me by the short hairs. Boy, are they wrong. I have no hesitation dropping their services and paying the severance fee. They seem to think that it’s this big, looming, intimidating thing to bully people around. I don’t think so.

      I was considering Sprint, because I get a discount from them through my credit union. I saw they have some kind of cute eco-phone. It’s so me. Plus, I supposedly would get $10 off my bill each month, just for using the eco-phone. I like that too!

      It’s a Samsung, and I’ve always been particularly fond of those phones, although my husband’s first generation smartphone (before andriod) is buggy. I don’t like the texting, but the new phone I’m talking about has a keyboard. I’m not worried. It just has a really bad camera (makes a face).

      I’d like to get down to the store and poke at some phones, just to see. But, you know how that goes. Where is the time?

      Anyway, I should be back up and running by Tuesday night or so.

  2. The whole situation sounds frustrating. The good news is that there are Android powered phones out there that have keyboards. I have one – the TMobile Sidekick. I see you don’t want TMobile anymore, but I’m sure your new carrier will have them as well.

    I find it unusual that you have had bad customer service experiences with TMobile. My experiences were amazing. I had horrible issues with AT&T’s customer service though.

    • I was thinking Sprint. Like I was saying to Muse, I have a discount, there’s a cute phone, and the only problems anyone has ever reported are discrepancies on their bills. That’s fine, because that happens with all carriers.

      Just wait until you start having problems with T-mobile, or you want an upgrade. My husband was supposed to get “upgrade pricing”. Yeah, if he wants a phone that’s behind his own phone! And that was two years ago! T-mobile wants you to pay everything forward anymore.

      You know, for a customer that has always made good on bills, and has only screwed up twice, and not that huge, in eight years, you’d think that they’d want to retain my business. I don’t think it’s going to happen. I know my husband wants to wait it out, but I’m not up to losing my data and exchanging my phone every four months for god knows how long.

      • I can understand your frustration. I’ve been with TMobile since late 2008. I have had 3 upgrades since. It hasn’t been a problem for me. I am sorry it has been a problem for you.

        My sister has Sprint and says that they are awesome.

        • This hasn’t been a problem for me until recently. When my first handset bit the dust, they were great about exchanging it. I was a little peeved about how they handled my husband and his upgrade. It would have cost us about $200 – practically full price for phones that are already a year old or so. Are you freakin’ serious? It’s not as if we’re talking iPhone here or anything (and I know those things cost a fortune).

          At the very least, I don’t have to pay shipping to send the old one back. But, they aren’t shy about sending me daily nagging reminders about sending it back. Ummm, excuse me, T-mobile. You realize that I didn’t get the package until I was home from work that day, right? So, that gives me that evening, and the next morning to deal with setting that nonsense up, and attempting to get the old stuff off of the other one, right?

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