Day Zero Update

The Day Zero Project

At the beginning of the year, I had mentioned in The Day Zero Project that I had created a Day Zero List.

This is where I ask you, my wonderful readers, for some audience participation  There are certain goals that are contingent upon others to make this happen.  And, I’m ready to get back up on the horse, and make some serious gains on my list.

  • Ask 20 friends to suggest one book, and read them all
  • Ask everyone I know to recommend me one song and make a CD (or CDs) of them, no matter what they are

So, what are some of your favorite books and songs?  Twenty books in one year is some heavy reading, so I need to get started ASAP!

37 thoughts on “Day Zero Update

  1. Cool idea!

    Book: “A Year on the Wing” by Tim Dee – a series of twelve beautifully written essays about a man’s relationship to birds. You’ll want to read the November chapter when you’re in a good frame of mind, as it includes a non-graphic account of witnessing a suicide. The rest of the piece is well worth that bit, however.

    Song: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole (off the Alone in IZ World album) – a real feel-good medley piece that I just love.

  2. I’ve got an author to suggest. Brandon Sanderson. I’ll go with Mistborn or Warbreaker as a book suggestion for you to choose from. For fantasy, there is a lot of depth to his writing. As for a song, I have so many, but I’ll go with Kyne’s Peace from the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim soundtrack. It’s a moving song for me. I can send it to you via e-mail if you’d like.

  3. Well, yes, this is neat. For the song, I have not been listening to my music for some time now for some reason, but The Voice of Truth, by Casting Crowns popped quickly to my mind. As for books, I’m not really a big book reader, I used to be, but never got much done. It’s an obsessive things I had to learn to curb. Aside from something from the Psalms, I always enjoyed work by Francine Rivers. She just has a way of weaving a story.

    The first of her books I read was The Atonement Child, then The Scarlet Letter, Lottie’s Garden?, and then Redeeming Love. Can’t say which one I preferred. They were all excellent. It has been at least 10 years since so the details on each are a little hazy. So if I had to choose one I’d say Redeeming Love. But check them out, see which one would suit your fancy.

    Happy reading! You are brave.

      • speaking of libraries and reading. I have about five books at least needing to be returned. They were all research for the course. Who ever figured I’d be reading at my age, ‘Diary of a wimpy kid’ series.’ It’s not my style but it seems to be popular among boys at least. Needed to find out what types and styles of language kids liked.

        And i only got through two of them….. They are also overdue by a week. Hello fines!
        Still not quite finished with them in my mind. Urgh! They had been extended once already.

          • It would be worth the read, especially with the line of work you are in. The kids would think you cool. But from your previous posts, the kids already think you are so this would be a plus. I know my young nephew got a kick out of his 46-year-old aunt reading the same stuff he was reading.

            I’m not sure just how much research and whatnot the writer did prior to writing, but I suspect his characters don’t stray much from the truth when it comes down to it. The experiences of anti-brother love and the such are just more concentrated. I did not get through it in it’s entirety, and was starting to get annoyed with it. But I guess that is just 10-year-old boy behavior.

            I would have been considered the female version of the main character possibly as a kid. And arguably still am in some respects if at least in my mind only.

            And when I mentioned getting through two books, in the previous comment, not all of them were the ‘Wimpy Kid’ series. Not that that really matters. Geesh! There I go again.

            • The kids always love to see what I’m reading. At the end of last year, it was a travel book. It was my first travel book, and an accidental purchase. (I didn’t realize what it’s content was.)

              They would borrow it in the lunchroom while they were waiting to be called. One of my kids, now 11, just adored it. He asked me, “Do these places really exist?” I said, “Of course they do! See, on the map, right there.”

              “It looks too beautiful and cool to be a place on Earth.”

              That’s some deep thinking for a 5th grader.

              I would love to have a book club and a creative writing class. Some of the kids have asked for it. I’ve been trying for an angle to approach my boss about it, but it’s tough. I get shot down a lot.


              I want to read what they have to say.

            • Don’t give up, it sounds like a great idea. You could open up so much of the wonder of the world to them.

              It is amazing that we have this built in sense of what beautiful looks like when we see it. It starts so young. Personally, I think it is weaved into our DNA and a reflection of our creator.

            • Possibly. I’m not sure.

              My son, now three with limited verbal skills, brushed my hair yesterday. He fixed it, looked into my eyes, and said, “There! Perfect!”

              True, it is the way I wear my hair. But, how does my son even know what perfect means? Hell, I’m not even sure if I know what perfect means!

              I was a little disturbed by the understanding of that word. I don’t want him to get the wrong idea about perfection.

              I’m not sure if we get these ideas because of society, or just a natural aesthetic pleasure.

            • I have a few thoughts collecting regarding what you wrote, and my mind is going for a drop off into the bowels of my limited wisdom. But write/right now, I am also being flooded with a plethora of pictures tying my children’s story Unit # 3, together into a galloping finish. GOTTA GO! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  4. The Book of Secrets by Deepak Chopra… I am enjoying this one right now. Or Manic by Terri Cheney… if you like the Psych books, I love this one!
    Song: Revelry by Kings of Leon

  5. The book is easy: Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes. (Read the novel, not the short story. It’s still a short novel.) It’s a story about a man with an IQ of 68 who undergoes a procedure to increase his intelligence and what happens as a result. Algernon is the mouse who had the procedure before him. It’s an emotional book so I won’t tell you any more than that but it’s well worth reading.

    I’m not really a good person to ask about music as I have a very limited amount that I listen to and not often at that. I’m much better with movies. 😉 DH & I like soundtracks – two favorites are How to Train Your Dragon and the original London cast recording of the musical Les Miserables.

    • Les Mis – yes, I am acquainted with that score. I’ve had to perform bits and pieces it throught my music education.

      Totally worth it.

      I think I read some story or book that goes with that movie. I’m not sure. Or I’ve seen it before. I don’t know. It sounds very familiar.

  6. For the book, I’m going to suggest to you a sci-fi, since I’m a nerd 🙂 It’s called Radix by A.A. Attanasio. Very good book, it managed to present a fascinating vision of the future from beginning to end.

    For the song, I’ll recommend Dayvan Cowboy by Boards of Canada. Listening to it while watching the sunrise will blow your mind.

  7. I can only recommend Terry Pratchett; I love many books and authors, but it’s my mission to introduce as many people as possible to Discworld.

    Song? Under The Milkyway by The Church and Deep Blue Day by Brian Eno. Both gorgeous.

  8. NO…NO…NO…NO…NO…NO…NO!!!

    Too, too much for me!! Toxic, toxic!! Danger, Will Robinson. Danger!!

    Sorry, Lulu. I can’t abide!

    But I do love you. Really, I do.

    The only hard work I do any more is avoiding hard wok.


  9. YA books: Second vote for Sir Pratchett, specifically the Tiffany Aching series. Also Diane Duane’s Young Wizards series

    Psych books: Emotional Blackmail, and anything by Elaine Aron, who writes about Highly Sensitive People.

    Songs: the two i’ve smiled at most recently when I hit them on the radio; Flo Rida ‘Good Feeling’ and Kate Perry ‘Part of Me’

    • I’ve had that one on my book list for awhile. I know it appears in the top 100 books, as it is read all over the nation as a requirement in English class. No, I didn’t read it for English. Because, my English class required me to read The Scarlet Letter, and another book I can’t quite remember. I probably got the cliff’s note for that one, because it was likely awful.

  10. If you like magical realism, try Not Wanted on the Voyage by Timothy Findley (a creative take on Noah’s Ark ~ not religious, just a great story).
    As for music, Dylan’s “don’t think twice, it’s allright” was my break-up anthem for years.

  11. Hi Lulu,
    What a great idea!

    My suggestion for a book would be A Far Sunset by Edmond Cooper, the song is a bit more difficult, but I decided to go for a Depeche Mode song- Enjoy the Silence… it’s got to be one of my favourites, I’ve got it as my ring tone on my cellphone 😀
    Hope you enjoy the track, and the book too….good luck!

    • Too much for me, Lulu. Where I live now thee is a school yad across the street. I’m just listening to the children play.. Soon, I’ll stir and think about lunch. Smell the roses, girl! Deeply smell them. Too late…it will be summer and then fall. Smell the flowers now! Its still spring!!


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