I’m Game!

I didn’t realize that I had been tagged multiple times.  I should have!  As I was saying to Angel, events that occurred during my depressive fog kind of jumble together.  So, I’m still catching up.

So, I’ve arrived at Angel’s Questions.  Here’s the deal.  I’m not going to tag, because I’m sure everyone has been tagged by now.  If not, feel free to pick up the questions I leave at the bottom.

Angel’s Questions:

1) What is your favorite mini-series?

Hands down, “Pillars of the Earth”.  If you haven’t read the book, by Ken Follett that’s fine.  You can read the book before or after you watch the mini series.  In this case, it doesn’t really matter.

2) What song is currently stuck in your head?

Now that you mentioned it, one came to mind, “Teardrop” by Massive Attack.  It is also the “House” TV series theme song.

3) If you’re a girl, who would you pick as your girl-crush? Or if you’re a guy, who would you pick as your guy-crush? You have to choose at least one. Although I guess this question has a heteronormative bias. Whoops. Well, if you identify as homosexual, choose someone of the opposite sex as your answer. Okay, I’m amending this question to try to make it as bias-free as possible. Who’s one guy and one girl you have a crush on? You must choose one of each.

Literally, and this is going to sound hilarious.  I have a crush on my husband.  I’m not kidding.  Any and all males who bear a striking resemblance to my husband can be included.  That’s Robert Pattinson, (Edward Cullen from “Twilight”), and Tom Welling (Clark Kent from “Smallville”).

Women?  Kate Winslet!  She is gorgeous, no matter what color her hair.  She had the perfect figure.  She’s not rail thin, and she’s curvy.  She is a real woman.

4) If you got to choose any occupation you wanted and money wasn’t an issue, what would you choose and why?

Cheating.  My ideal occupations are teacher and writer.  Both of which I am doing, and both of which I am not making a whole lot of money at.

I love being an educator.  I really do.  It is fulfilling and thrilling.  It’s different each day.  I get to watch about 90 kids grow up each year.  And to think that I’m a part of their lives, even for that short time.  Some will be able to look back to that and think, “That’s Ms. Em.  She taught me music when I was a kid.”  I remember some of my favorite teachers, the ones who really touched my life.  And that’s what I try to do every day, is make a difference in a child’s life.

As a writer, I want to make a difference in the mental health community by lending my voice, support, and ideas.  I want this to become a serious public issue one day, not something that everyone just puts on the backburner, because they don’t want to talk about it.  Mental health is important.  Mental health disorders are real, and they have a real effect in people’s lives.  Untreated, there are serious consequences.  I want the world to see it, and know it.

5) When you’re using numbers to make a list, do you put periods, parentheses, or something else (if so, what), after the numbers? Why do you think you have this preference?

When I’m using numbers to make a list, there is the number, a period, and then a parentheses.  It would look like this 1.)  I have this preference because it looks neater and is easier on my eyes when I’m skimming the list.

6) What sorts of books do you like to read, and why?

I have favorite genres.  Personally, I love psychology books.  Psychology is my thing.  It could have been my career, but I decided education is where my heart was.  There’s a scientific way to figure out how anything works.  We can take all kinds of things apart and figure it out.  Even the human body.  But, we still haven’t figured out the brain.

That’s because the mechanisms that make the brain work aren’t physically apparent.  It’s a mysterious thing.  I want to know how people think.  I want to know why they are the way they are.  I want to be able to draw similarities and differences between them.  It’s just fascinating.  People are complex and fascinating creatures.

7) You’re driving for at least four hours by yourself. You don’t have a CD player, and you can’t hook up your mp3 player or smartphone to your stereo. How do you occupy yourself?

I’ve never thought about it.  I’ve never actually driven that kind of distance alone.  I guess I would have to start playing license plate games, or something. 

8) Do you believe in anything supernatural? If so, what?

Of course I believe in the supernatural!  I believe in ghosts, aliens, astrology, spirits, “God” (if you will), and all kinds of things.  Especially aliens and astrology.  Astrology is something that ties in closely with psychology when you look at it hard enough.

Anyone who is interested, I do natal astrology.  Mainly through the use of natal charts.  Go ahead, check out your chart and see how close to being correct it is.

9) Why do you visit my blog? (How’s that for a nosy self-promoting question? No, you don’t need to answer this second question. It’s rhetorical.)

I’ll answer it, because I don’t think it’s important information.  I visit your blog for a number of reasons.  At first, it was interesting to see how events unfold in your life.  It was kind of like piecing together a character in a story.  What has happened?  What will happen?  Things of that nature.

But, with every story, I find myself getting involved.  Except, with a character in a book, there is no way of two was communication.  However, here, you’re not a character.  You are a person.  And I have become involved with you as a person.

I want to know about your life.  I want to know how you are feeling and what you are doing.  I want to hear your ideas, your feelings, your thoughts, musings, whatever you have to give.  There is a certain investment there.  It’s interesting, and it’s a two way street.

10) If you have a smartphone, which 5 apps do you use the most? If you don’t have a smartphone, why not?

Pandora, WordPress, Twitter, Weather Channel, and my email client.  Does that count as an app?  If not, then I’d name Tumblr as my fifth.

11) What is the most important principle for you to live your life by, and why?

Altruism.  Pay it forward.  I want to be as selfless as I can possibly be without passing myself over completely.  I have needs and wants.  I cannot forget that.  However, I know that I want to balance that with my desire to provide support roles to others.

In my entire life, I’ve always played a support role.  In school, I played in the orchestra pit during musicals.  No one ever saw my face.  I sang alto and tenor, harmony parts that enrich the melody.  Most of the time, when I sang tenor parts, no one in the crowd realized that it was me, a woman, who carried that part.

Today, I’m the woman behind a brilliant man.  I’m the teacher that is building students up to be incredible people in their lives.  I’m the music director in productions.  No one ever sees my face.  That’s fine.  I was the one who designed and hand stapled all of those programs, without any billing in the liner notes.

I am the mother behind an incredible boy.  My son is truly something else.  I know all mothers say that, but he’s so curious.  He has limited communication skills.  But, he’s three.  He can do math.  He knows the Fibonacci sequence (to a certain point), without ever having been taught.  He knows his alphabet, and can sight read.  I didn’t teach him to sight read, but he just started doing it one day.  All of these things, besides counting the alphabet, were things I thought he was too young or impaired to do.  I guess I was wrong.

And I know that with some help, and a lot of love, encouragement, and work on both of our parts, he is going to be a brilliant man, maybe more so than his father one day.

All of that.  What about what I want?  I want a lot of things, believe me.  But, I’m willing to sacrifice all of the things that I want to see others succeed.

Optional Questions:

  1. What do you think the advantages and disadvantages of your gender are?
  2. You’re kicked out of the country you currently reside in.  Where do you go?
  3. What do you do with your change?
  4. What is your favorite beverage and why?
  5. What would be your ideal vacation spot?  Why?
  6. Do you have pictures around your house?  Of what?
  7. Do you think that if I were to walk into your house right now that I would have any idea about who lived there?  Why, or why not?
  8. Doomsday Scenario:  A solar storm knocks power grids out worldwide.  There is no way to know when power will be restored, or if it will.  What is the first thing you do, and why?
  9. What do you think is the meaning of life?
  10. Another Doomsday Scenario:  A few servers malfunctioned and the internet is going to be down indefinitely.  What do you see yourself doing to entertain yourself?
  11. Are you superstitious?  What are some of your superstitions?

9 thoughts on “I’m Game!

  1. What a fantastic approach to life you have!!! Your life is already a success so it’s completely natural that you want that for others•*¨*•.¸¸♥ don’t ever change your outlook.

    • Awww, thank you. I doubt my life is already successful, but I know it’s at least not a waste.

      I want to see the people I love be the best people they can be, every day. I know for me, being the best person I can be is standing behind these people.

  2. Ha, when I saw “cheating” at the beginning of question #4’s answer, I briefly thought you meant you’d like to choose cheating as your vocation. I also almost decided to major in psychology, but then I chose English.

    I checked out my natal chart, and some of it is close. Some of it is way off base. Some of it is contradictory, even. For instance, one part said that I’m someone who loves to socialize (no), and another part said that I mostly like to keep to myself (yes). At one point, it says that I resent traditional authority figures, but at another, it says I respect traditional authority figures.

    This part is definitely me, lol: “You tend to feel that you’re a failure unless you get an important and highly respected position in life. Don’t be so hard on yourself!”

    And I’m glad I’m more than just a character to you! 😉

    • Truthfully, a B.S. in Psychology is worthless. It is just enough to qualify a person to work as a TSS, a Special Ed aide, a day-care associate, a teacher’s aide, and an after-school program teacher / tutor. To do anything clinical, a person has to get their Masters.

      When you get oppositions like that, it usually means there is an internal struggle that exists. Now, firstly, most people don’t really know how to read them. No offense meant. Anything after Saturn and before are considered “personal planets” that apply specifically to your and the way you operate. After that, those are generational planets, and they are meant to describe the mentality of your generation. A generation in astrology is a lot shorter than what we consider a generation, from biblical standards.

      Anyway, back to the personal planets. The Sun planet is your persona, it’s the base of which you operate. The Moon is how your emotions operate. Venus is how you love, and Mars is how you fight. Jupiter is personal journey, your happiness, your fortune, and your purpose. Finally, there is Saturn, the way your govern yourself.

      For me, it breaks down like this:

      Rising Sign: (calculated by birth time) Straight-forward and often blunt. Doesn’t see the use in social niceties and cultural ritual. Abundant in energy, needs to be outdoors.

      (Sort of. I don’t feel as if I am abundant in energy)

      Sun: Takes everything seriously. Responsibly with a sense of duty and obligation. Goal-oriented, and gets angry when others are rewarded for doing less work than myself. Control freak. Loves to socialize. Campaigns projects. Thorough. Tunnel vision at reaching a goal. Abundant in energy and needs to be outdoors.

      (Almost correct, minus the socializing part and the abundant energy thing)

      Moon: Affectionate, warm, friendly. The world has to be a beautiful, harmonious place. When things are out of balance, I am deeply affected. Peace keeper, and passive. Rather socialize than work. Avoids unpleasant tasks. Requires support or assistance getting a new project launched. Self-indulgent and lazy. Attracted to fine art.

      (Conflicts with the Sun. I am not as passive as this would like everyone to believe. I would not rather socialize than work. I go to work to work. In fact, I like to keep to myself.)

      Venus: Dreamy, romantic, creative, imaginative. Giving in relationships. Sensitive to emotions around me. Altruistic. Idealistic. Naive.

      (Bam. Right on the mark.)

      Mars: Sensitive, vulnerable with a difficulty to assert oneself. Fatigued, and requires lots of rest. Giving. Secretive.


      Jupiter: Results need to be concrete and tangible. Excellent organizer and planner. Practical and realistic. Personal weakness is to be wrong about anything. Cautious, cool, and detached.

      (Except about the detached part)

      Scorpio: Hesitant about showing emotion, fear of others reactions. Emotions are strong and intense. May easily succumb to impulsive and self destructive behavior. Easily embarrassed.

      (All true)

      So, you see there are a lot of contradictory things in my chart too. The contradictions usually create some inner turmoil due to a struggle between those traits. For me, it’s about striking a balance between those things.

      • Knowing what the different planets mean is definitely helpful for interpreting my chart. What do the Rising Son and Mercury correlate with? I was going to post a significant portion of mine in this comment, but that would be way too much. Maybe I’ll just do it as a fun post in my blog. Or not. We’ll see. One thing I do love about it is that in the Mercury part it says my sense of humor tends toward “sarcasm and irony.” That’s mostly what my sense of humor is, lol.

        P.S. English degrees aren’t really practical, either. I did just have to drive a long distance by myself the other day. I don’t have any good CDs, and my radio doesn’t have a place to plug in an mp3 player or smartphone. I eventually wound up entertaining myself by imagining whether or not the singers I heard on the radio would make it on “American Idol,” lol. Otherwise, I would’ve been stuck with nothing but annoying music. I didn’t want to turn it off because I can’t drive when it’s too quiet.

  3. On my desk at work I have a slip of paper that came from a fortune cookie. It reads ” When you don’t care who gets the credit, there’s no limit to how high you can climb”.

    You Lulu, are a good soul. 🙂

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