Invitations to Narnia : 30 Days of Truth

Day 05 : Something you hope to do in your life.

As it stands, one can find me within the wardrobe amongst the coats, between the real world and my Narnia. This is not the Narnia as others know it. It is the absolutely surreal, ever shifting landscape, containing both horrific monsters and beautiful, majestic creatures. All of that world is tucked away, within a wardrobe, in an innocuous cranny of my home. Many unsuspecting people could stroll up to it, jam their coat in, and never give this unassuming wardrobe another thought.


But, this world is not meant to exist tucked away.  This world lives inside of me, wrapped up in an old world map, tied with a satin ribbon.  It waits to unfurl for all of the world to see.

Snapshots of this map are contained within every word, in each piece that I carefully create.  Some have been privy to view them, scanning the terrain, gazing upon the horrors and magesty.  Others have been lucky enough to set foot on the Terra Amici, The Land of Friends, specifically set aside to welcome guests who have braved the Sea of Aliquim.  And others, those closest to me, have journeyed through the deepest, darkest places of Lunaria.

I dream of the day that I allow Lunaria to emerge from the wardrobe.  This is the day that the earth will quake around me to birth Lunaria from within.  I will invite others to explore at will, without the requirement of the confines to Terra Amici.  To brave the fiery mountains, volcanoes spewing molten rock,shifting and shaping the landscape daily.  The mountains grow higher, only to be whittled away by the erosion.  Bask in Bad Wolf Bay.  Peer deeply into Mare Demersi, but still fear to tread too closely.  Lose themselves in Vac Saltus, and navigate the sullen, sunken lands of Val Mergullado.

All of this, one day will be accessible to all.  Lunaria will rise.  I can openly narrate the tales and history of Lunaria without fear of persecution and ostracism.  I hope to accomplish my quest of bringing this all out of the wardrobe.  I want others to see what my world, one world of a woman with Bipolar Disorder looks like.  It possibly connects to other places, to weave a global patchwork of personal worlds, connecting us all, to encompass every single person who has been hiding their own Narnia.

I hope to have a voice that can bring this all to the world.  And I hope to build the strength to do it.

9 thoughts on “Invitations to Narnia : 30 Days of Truth

  1. Beautiful!! My friend, you are already rising…
    This is poetry, magnificently written and enthralling. I could not stop reading.
    Thank you for this beautiful piece of you!

    • Thank you for your enjoyment. It was a little shorter than I would have liked, honestly. But, it was the best way I could describe the world within myself, how I contain it, and how I’d like to share it with the world in order to expand the presence of the bipolar community in the real world.

  2. This is absolutely beautiful, Lulu. I feel like it’s a new and different voice of yours that we have not yet had the privilege to experience, and I love it. It’s truly magical, in a way very fitting for a post that nods to C.S. Lewis’ world.

    • I’ve been working on doing narration rather than monologues. Monologues will still appear, but they are extremely egocentric. I’m not quite as descriptive as C.S. Lewis, unfortunately. However, I’d like to think that my vernacular is at a higher reading level. *grin*

  3. Compelling! Your writing, your life is causing me to further think outside the box, to let my mind off of its leash, to further explore this literary craft. Well done!

    The line, “This is the day that the earth will quake around me to birth Lunaria from within.” struck a chord. I’m in the midst of trying to write a piece for a course I’ve undertaken, ‘Writing for Publication 1’ Thanks to another book I’m reading, your narratives, and other things, not exclusive of my own visions…..

    “She saw before her, a mind exposed laying bare after the quaking of her life. The after shocks have slowed, the damage surveyed, and she saw things on the surface, and to the sides once buried. Jewels, precious metals, and various gems now unearthed; rubies, emeralds, onyx, and pearls.

    But she comes across one gem that even the brilliant diamonds now in comparison fades. Placing the others down neatly in their folds, she reaches for the rare singular sapphire, its blue purple hue deep and rich, in royal splendor. And she realizes, amid the quake of her mind, she had always remained one precious of the Royal King of Kings. Her fear that she had lost the grace of her betrothed bridegroom was still intact, indeed never lost.

    The other jewels and precious stones, her talents once hidden again have been found to help others, always really there but are now more distinguished. Her fear of having lost the talents entrusted, have to her been refined, far richer than she could have imagined. The raw jewels, the gems will need to be further polished and exquisitely honed. It will come with some effort and practice to brighten. There is a life’s story to tell. And I must share it well. It will not be easy this journey I’m on. Just from moment to moment, one day at a time.”

    You Lulu and the other bloggers here are all jewels, unearthed to share of your journey.

    I am looking for the day of Lunaria. To the day when you have the strength to do it.

    • I’m overwhelmed by the flattery! Really! Maybe I don’t give myself enough credit. But, I am always overjoyed to be a muse. There’s just something about a support character in me. I don’t aim to be the star. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. I’m not sure about the do’s and the don’t. But I’m grateful that I have a place in this.

      What you have written is gorgeous! I can’t wait to hear more!

      And don’t worry. Snapshots of Lunaria exist here. I hope to have it surface. I want to be everything in there and more, as an integration of my whole self. And I want to scream it from every rooftop in every city. Or at least just mine, LOL. I’ll settle for that in the short-term.

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