Me? A Versatile Blogger?!

I logged in this morning to find two different nominations for The Versatile Blogger Award, from fracturedangel, who writes “The Mirth of Despair” and Prozac, who writes Mindfuckery.  I wanted to thank both of these bloggers for nominating me for this award.  Your subscription and following of As the Pendulum Swings means so much to me.  I write this blog from the heart, typically in narrative format.  For me, that means that others want to see my life, through my own eyes.  I pour myself into this, dedicating all of my stolen minutes toward it.  Again, thank you for this esteemed award.

With every award, there are certain rules to be followed:

  1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.
  4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

Seven Facts About The Author, Lulu
I don’t want to share trivial oddities, because I’ve already done so in The 99 Quirks of Lulu. Contrastingly, I’d like to share some meaningful facts about my own life.

  1. I am a classically trained vocalist and musician.  I can play any woodwind instrument I touch, but I am most masterful at flute, piccolo, alto saxophone, and tenor saxophone.  I have been singing for more than 20 years, and playing instruments for nearly 20.
  2. Originally, I obtained two Associates in Arts for Criminal Justice and Computer Forensics.  About six months before graduation, I came to the realization that I despised computers and a majority of their users, and was particularly bad at law.  Instead, I began to obtain my Bachelors in Science for Psychology with emphasis on Applied Behavioral Analysis.  Throughout that schooling, I changed my mind once again, and am now determined to complete an Masters in Early / Primary Education.
  3. This leads directly into my current employment.  Many of my jobs have just kind of accidentally fallen into my lap.  Most have been less than fruitful and completely devoid fulfillment.  However, I now work with underprivileged children, in an inner-city youth program, as a music director and instructor.  This is what led to my passion for education.  All resulting from a long series serendipitous events.

    Lovers, under the sea

  4. I have been married for four years in April, romantically involved with my husband (whom I often refer to as C.S.) for five years in July, and have been good friends with him for 10 years in April.  We have a long history, that I will eventually detail in a post called The Golden Thread.  We were already roommates (for the second time) when we officially began dating.  After a nine month engagement, we were married.  Three months before the wedding, I got pregnant with my son, T.D.  Oops!
  5. I named my son after a 1990’s rockstar.  My husband and I originally intended to name a potential son Aiden, however, that became wildly popular.  When we discovered our unborn child was a boy, there was heated debate as to what to name him.  Frustrated, I arbitrarily threw his name out there, being sarcastic.  And, he agreed to it!

    My little boy

  6. Some of my newer readers may not be aware.  In June, my son was diagnosed with Pervasive Development Disorder in the Autism Spectrum Disorder, as detailed in Overdrive Mode and Riding in Cars with Boys.  He has seen a tremendous amount of progress since his initial referral to Early Intervention a year ago.  I also intend to write about that in These Little Wonders.
  7. I write anonymously for a number of reasons. Famously, I am writing to keep myself safe from the consequences that the stigma of Bipolar Disorder could bring to my life.  However, it has grown to be much larger than that reason alone.  I am protecting my family from judgements that could arise.  Most of all, I am protecting them from myself, through channeling my thoughts and experiences here.  Bipolar Disorder is not my life, nor does it control it.  My family does not need to be constantly reminded and subjected to it.
  8. However, I do aspire to someday come out into the open about my personal struggle with Bipolar Disorder.  Ultimately, I’d like to write a book containing my experiences in order to promote mental health education.  I consider this blog to be the skeleton of the novel.  And you are all privy to this draft.
  9. I consider my own life to be anything but ordinary.  This is often not resulting from any disorder that exists within my family.  I cannot detail all of the oddities, but I can mention some.  Both my husband and I have been sued once, each for different reasons.  I have developed cervical cancer twice due to HPV of unknown origin, despite the fact that I had a low risk based on age and particular strain.  And speaking of medical oddities, I am in my late 20’s and have high cholesterol and blood sugar, despite maintaining a healthy weight, good diet, and an active lifestyle.  C.S. has corneal abnormalities that require special contact lenses.  Nothing happens here without a catch.  It’s like living in The Twilight Zone.
  10. I am so fanatical about video games that I will not allow myself to play them anymore.  They are a complete waste of time, and I can’t seem to stop once I’ve gotten started.  There are so many more productive things I could be doing in the time period that I’m glued to the controller.  I wasted two years with World of Warcraft.  I clocked 180+ hours on Final Fantasy XII alone.  To be fair, this only applies to RPG’s.

And that mini-biography is the small piece to a huge picture.

There are so many wonderful blogs I’ve recently discovered, but I’d like to bend the rule a little and put in a few that have really changed my life.

I’d like to give a special thanks to my nominated bloggers.  Each of you provides me with their own unique wisdom and support.  Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Me? A Versatile Blogger?!

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