The Day Zero Project

The Day Zero Project

Thanks to Sarah, who writes sarah On The Go, I finally have a New Year project.

I’m done with resolutions.  They never work out, and when I look at the year in retrospect, I always feel like I completely failed that year.  I’ve come to realize that I am who I am.  No matter how much makeup I wear, what clothes I’m in, and how round I am, that’s me.  No amount of resolution or reflection is going to convince me otherwise.  I can talk about how I want to be this and I want to look like that.  But, I won’t change.  I’ve been this way for nearly three decades.  There’s probably a good reason for that.

This year, I was looking to do a Bucket List of sorts.  I wanted to compile a list of things I wanted to complete this year.  That is, without the normal, lose ten pounds, keep my house clean, be a better me routine.  Honestly, I’m beginning to think that those things will not lead to a better me.  Nothing is a better teacher than experience.  I want to be doing more of that – experiencing life and all of the adventures it has to offer!

sarah wrote a post called The Year of Me, My, and I detailing her motivation to create her own list of 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days.  She writes, “Tomorrow holds no promises, get moving!”  It was just the thing I was looking for!  Except, I intend on completing my Day Zero List within 366 days.  You know, because 2012 is a leap year.

Have a look for yourself.  I made it a cute little graphic.

For me, this year is about tying up loose ends, discovery, adventure, fun, and getting in touch with my inner child / self.

I have a lot of loose ends in my life.  I am notorious for procrastination and abandoning a project before its completion.  That is why I included a few things like:

  • Make my son’s baby book
  • Finish writing my journals
  • Retrieve and compile old blogs

I have additionally taken on a new project, The 365 Days of Lulu.  I intend to take a picture of myself, every single day, for an entire year.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to keep it posted here on Pendulum for reasons of preserving my anonymity.  Hopefully, I will be able to create some graphic art from some of those photos and share them on Bipolar Inspirations.  (Reminder: Bipolar Inspirations is my photoblog site that now contains all of the graphic art that used to be featured here on Pendulum. Some of the graphic art is still featured within it’s own post, however, there is additional art that is not posted here.  Hint, hint!).

I have also taken on 30 Days of Truth to be completed throughout the New Year.  I cannot say that I can dedicate 30 days to the project entirely.  Additionally, I will be answering the 50 Questions that Will Free Your Mind throughout my posts.

All of these subprojects will likely have little blurb posts, but can be found in their entirety under the Lulu’s Other Projects dropdown.  I encourage readers to check on my progress from time to time.

Finally, Happy New Year!

13 thoughts on “The Day Zero Project

  1. Wow thanks so much for giving me that little shoutout. I am so happy that you took this project on! It is awesome that I got through to someone about the Day Zero Project. I am such a believer! I love that you want to make your own candles. I might steal that from you 😉 Good luck with this all, and of course, have a great New Year!

    • A great idea warrents public recognition! Thank you for showing this to the world. It was just what I needed to give me a direction in the New Year! I’m so excited that I finally have a place to put all of my serious projects and silly impulses. Now, I can actually make some progress with this list staring me in the face!

      And the candles: years ago, Walmart sold this candle maker. I don’t know if they still do, but an ex purchased it for me during the Christmas season when they have the mountain of “As Seen on TV” stuff. It is the best candle recycler in the world. I have dozens of little candles leftover from my wedding. I intend on melting most of them down into a huge unity candle for my husband and me. I highly recommend it!

    • I am trying to make a dent in it as we speak. So far, so good. I’m trying to get a few things off of my list right out of the starting gate. I’ll write as soon as they’re completed.

  2. even a quick look at your list exhausts me. i’ll get to things in their time. There’s just not enough time left for me to do all the things i’ve dreamed of and that’s okay for me.

    i’ve explored a few geographic places. And many internal places. some of them have been as scarey as tropical jungles or Himalayan mountaintops. For me, the experience of exploring, is by itself rewarding.

    Where ever I go, I find myself there.


    • Everything on my list has been something I’ve always wanted to do, but I never got a round to it. I remember this rainbow colored circle on the wall outside of the cafeteria when I was in school. It was called “A Round Tuit”. I can’t remember exactly what it said, but it was something along the lines of, “Why do tomorrow what you can do toady?” The Round Tuit. The story of my life, LOL. Sadly, after a remodeling project, it no longer exists.

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  4. I am very excited about all that you have planned for this year. I love your list, especially writing a letter to yourself to open in 10 years. I might just do that one myself 🙂

  5. Thank you and Sarah both for this! I needed something to keep me occupied and have a goal. My hope is by blogging about it I will be more motivated. Going through the list made me realize I have a strong pull towards photography. I am wanting to take a class at the local college in March and I think it will be photography. Again, thank you!


    • I’m so ecstatic that you took up this project! I guess I can actually cross off “Inspire Someone Else to Make a List”!

      No, but seriously, I believe this is really a good thing for anyone who wants to get involved. I try to encourage as many people as I can to participate. The beauty of the project is that it is entirely up to the own person to define their own goals. I tried my best to include introspective activities, while also including little things that I take for granted.

      Do you have a link for your Day Zero List? I’d love to take a look!

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