Dream Analysis: The Dangerous Game

In my life, I have always had extremely vivid dreams. In fact, I know that there is something mentally wrong with me when I am not experiencing this. Professionals will tell you that you would die without REM sleep, and I believe that to be true. They say that even if you don’t remember dreaming, you did. I don’t necessarily believe that. I know when I’m not experiencing REM sleep. My mental functions begin to break down. My moods are erratic, at best. Finally, I begin to experience extremely counterproductive insomnia.

I have always felt that there is a deeper meaning behind dreams. Thankfully, recent reserach has demonstrated that there is a science behind dreams.  Dreams are a place where our subconscious and conscious mind converge.  It is a safe environment for our mind to play out the worst scenarios, so that we may learn from them.  Lastly, it is a place where our subconscious mind brings important information to our attention.

Some people may consider dream analysis and interpretation a waste of time.  However, I have always found this practice to be extremely helpful.

Dream Analysis

1.)   Upon waking, do not do anything else but sit down and write out the dream.
2.)   Outline the major themes.

  • Motel
  • Video Game
  • Palm Trees
  • Mist
  • Tiny Room
  • Package
  • Cross
  • Relic
  • Running Away
  • Death
  • Being shot at
  • Black Haired Woman
  • Blonde Haired Woman
  • Alone in the Motel
  • With family in the Motel
  • Dirt
  • Digging a Hole
  • Burying
  • Deck
  • Jumping Down Stairs

3.) Correlate themes with their symbolism.

Motel:  Feeling of displacement from oneself.

Video Game:  Feeling of manipulation by others

Palm Trees:  Represents hope, victory, and leisure.

Mist:  Feelings of confusion and need for clarity in waking life.

Tiny Room:  A limitation of self or self-expression.

Package:  Recieving a package is symbolic of accepting emotions and gaining resources

Cross:  Symbolic of suffering.

Relic:  Prophetic

Running away:  Particularly, attempted escape from a threat means the dreamer is not facing or controlling their waking fears.

Death:  Either a transitional phase is happening or escape from daily tasks.

Being shot at:  Feelings of confrontation and being victimized

Black-Haired Woman:  To see hair in your dream signifies sexual virility, seduction, sensuality, vanity, and health.  Black hair in particular is symbolic of darkness.

Blonde-Haired Woman:  Suggests the necessity to shed seriousness to enjoy life.

Alone in the Motel:  This represents extreme isolation from oneself because of the displacement.

With Family in the Motel:  Suggests the family is somehow displaced from their own self and lives.

Dirt:  To see freshly stirred dirt in your dream symbolizes thriftiness and frugalness. Dirt is also representative of situations where you have been less than honorable and may have acted in a devious manner. You are trying to conceal or bury your questionable behavior.

Digging a Hole:  Suggests the mind is at work uncovering the truth in a situation that is plaguing oneself.  It may be a metaphor for an insult.

Burying:  Symbolic of covering true feelings.

Deck:  The alarm for awareness in waking surroundings

Jumping Down Stairs:  Suggests repressed thoughts and emotions.

There is a clear theme of the subconscious mind bringing something to the conscious mind’s attention. My mind is working tirelessly at attempting to uncover the truth about a situation, where details are sorely lacking. This is a situation where I feel victimized. There is an alarm that things may not be quite as they seem. There is also a recurring theme of repression and displacement of emotions, thoughts, and sense of self.

There is an upside. It seems that the symbols would indicate that some clarity will be found in a prophetic manner. There seems to be a theme where a resource will be uncovered and victory will be achieved in a struggle. It will be an extremely difficult struggle that will engulf the self, but will turn out to be life-changing, very possibly in a good way.

I had this dream before the letter arrived. I am well aware of the situation at hand, and it is complex. There is the lawsuit, which is contorted and convoluted beyond belief. There are a lot of unknowns in this situation that lead to a lot of questions. The alarm was raised that things weren’t quite as I perceived them. And now, it is begging for clarity.

Then, there is the situation that it is creating within my own family system, and myself. I have taken on a role as the stronger of the two pillars, and I am largely unfamiliar with it. This is the displacement of oneself and hiding true feelings. I have been walking around, chest puffed out with confidence. I was trying to fake confidence the way I see C.S. doing it. I suppose it wasn’t very convincing to myself. It has been consuming to me, although I don’t let on.

I finally broke down last night and admitted to C.S. that I’ve been plagued by this with doubts and fears.

It has displaced my husband entirely. He has been knocked off of his axis and has been spinning wildy. He’s even more consumed than I am. And by having two extraordinarily distracted parents, it has displaced T.D. His routines and daily life are affected by this. I am constantly on the phone, and C.S. and I are almost always going back and forth about it.

I do feel victimized. I feel as if my husband was vicitimized by the entire ordeal of the accident. He suffered physical and emotional damage as a result. We experienced a loss of a car that we paid outright for, and now we have a car payment. I feel as if our family was victimized by stealing time, money, and energy away from each other. I feel as if my son has lost his family to this.

And I feel victimized. For a plethora of reasons. For losing C.S. to this so many times over the last six months. For feeling like a neglectful mother. For having to pick up a second job to cover the car payment. That is going to seriously take away from my first job and my family: the two most important things in my world. I feel as if this is high school all over again, where I am intentionally victimized for having less money and social standing.

Unlike high school, this is my life. I cannot turn my back on it. And this is hurtful and insulting to my family. Nevermind me. I will not stand for it. I will fight tooth and nail. This is not about the money. This is about justice.

I used Dream Moods for partial assistance for this intepretation.

One thought on “Dream Analysis: The Dangerous Game

  1. I’m glad you were able to sort through your dream with such clarity, though I hate the situation it represents in your life. But you’re strong, you’re a fighter, you can take this crap on and kick it in the a**! Go get the SOBs, Lulu, and know that I’ve got you’re back if you ever need someone to help you out in a dark alley late at night! I may not look like much, but the kickboxing I did for years was not for nothing. 😉

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