Ooops, Mistaken Mistake!

Dear Diary,

Today, I got dressed to go to work on Halloween. I didn’t think of a costume until I was standing in front of my dresser.

I pulled on my knit kitty hat, buttoned up a white dress shirt, and even tied a blue and grey men’s tie for the first time. I put some raccoon-like makeup around my eyes and red gloss on my lips. For a final touch, I wore some old leather bracelets with studs and stars on them.

I didn’t know who I was.

Until I was already at work and seated at a table. A student asked me who I was for Halloween and I shrugged. My mind wandered off of it’s leash for awhile while fluorescent light poured down. And then, I knew.

I accidentally went as Ke$ha for Halloween. Except, I have a better voice and she has a better ass.


The End.

PS: Happy Halloween!

4 thoughts on “Ooops, Mistaken Mistake!

  1. LMAO, good job, Lulu! I wore a t-shirt that has Little Miss Chatterbox under a sheet dressed up as Little Miss Spooky (y’know, from the Little Miss and Mister Men books). My mom said it was absolutely perfect for me. 😀

    Happy Halloween to you.

    P.S. What was T.D.? I’ve been meaning to ask you.

    • Here’s the scoop. T.D was supposed to be a pumpkin. So, C.S was getting him ready to go and he went in the kitchen for a minute. (I was at work, but going to meet them for the second leg of the neighborhood.) When he came back, the little pumpkin was asleep!

      We’re going to take him to the store and have him, “Trick or Treat” there. He’s not heart-broken about it as long as he gets candy!

  2. Very cool.
    Halloween isn’t as big over here, but it gets bigger every year as kids like another excuse to get more lollies and there are always people selling party gear. Then there’s always the person who is looking for an excuse for a costume party 🙂
    We’ve just had Melbourne cup day – and here everybody stops everything at three to watch THE race, but there are sweepstakes and lunches and parties and stuff all day everywhere the first tues every November. They call it the race that stops the nation. (in recent years I’ve started calling the 1500m mens freestyle at the Olympics the other race that stops the nation because everyone downs everything and heads for a viewing spot for that too – but it doesn’t get a whole day disturbed with parties everywhere and a public holiday in a capital city…)

    • I know how that is. I live in Pittsburgh, the steel city, home of the 6 time Superbowl winning team, The Steelers. Every Sunday is a madhouse at the grocery store. And the whole city takes a vacation day the following Tuesday if they win the Superbowl so we can stand in the frozen streets, drink beer, and watch the parade.

      Ruby is going to maim me for saying this, but I don’t watch the Steelers. I don’t follow the season until the playoffs. Lol. But, I will take the excuse for a day off of work!

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