Occupy and Multiply

By now, we’re all familiar with the protesters that have been camping in Liberty Square in NYC, under the banner Occupy Wall Street. We have a local chapter called Occupy Pittsburgh. This group now calls Mellon Square outside of BNY Mellon home.

I wrote a piece in 2008 called Stop Them Before They Spend Again!. I included it in the “Lulu’s Other Projects” drop-down. I have always been interested in politics and how they affect the little guy.

I predicted this in 2008. I made one of the public outcry’s against the bailouts as being ultimately detrimental. I was outraged in 2009 at the fiscal irresponsibility and the “take the money and run” corporate strategy. Back in 2006, I knew that the 1% continued to reap huge profit margins, while the 99% were slaves in the corporate machine. Now that the 99% is working poor, if employed at all, it’s come to a head. I knew it would. I called this earlier in the year. One day, the 99% would wake up and take a stand.

They have. I support the cause entirely. If I didn’t have T.D., I’d be camping. Instead, I have to remain on the outside as a supporter and a sympathizer. But, I urge everyone to get involved. If you can, join your local camp. Picket and protest. The only way change can really happen is through civil unrest and action.

We have to take it in our own hands now. Obama promised us change, and that’s exactly what we have left in our pockets. Now, we have to take matters in our own hands because we know that our best interest affects profit margins and the bottom line. We can’t trust the people we voted in to be our representatives any longer. We’re working for them when they should be working for us. We pay their salaries, so they really are supposed to be working for us. Are they? I think not.

Occupy now exists worldwide. You’re a 99%. Add your own voice to the collective to make the message louder and stronger. For all of the things we can’t afford, food, water, shelter, medication, etc – you cannot afford to miss this chance. We cannot afford to fail. We stand together now against greed and corruption instead of being mindless puppets in the machine.

I’m in. Are you?

2 thoughts on “Occupy and Multiply

  1. This one brings so many mixed emotions up for me, believe it or not. I was the consummate political junkie in a past life, now I hide out and just try to get through the day. It isn’t as though I have no idea what’s going on, but it makes me miss the me I was in 2000. No one understood at the time why I spent the night on the edge of the couch waiting for election results. Sigh.

  2. I was on sofa doing the same thing. Another guy and I got kicked out of history class for a heated argument. 8 years later, we got into a Facebook argument of a similar nature.

    I am not able to camp. I want so much to have the ability to be an urban solider. This is the thing I’ve been talking about since 1997. I saw it coming to this a long time ago. I can’t understand why no one else did. But, I have a home and a family to tend to. Family court and CYF are just down the street from the camp. I’m not risking taking T.D down there, LOL.

    But, I’m a sympathizer. And I will drop off black and gold scarves I’ve been working on. I’ll do what I can to keep our soldiers on the streets going.

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