The Farris Wheel

Manic Monday recently wrote a post entitled Surgery Date that talked about nasty, unprofessional health care professionals. I spoke to her about their disgrace and the extreme agitation it caused.

I have been through the situation many times. I have a certain amount of animosity toward health care professionals as a result. I have been misdiagnosed. I have been diagnosed and not treated correctly, if at all. I have been treated as a hypochondriac and a liar. One clinic took the wrong course of action and made a condition worse. I had cruel nurses during my delivery and one that popped my hip out. I’ve had overzealous doctors want to pump me full of drugs when unnecessary. Others refused me much needed medications such as antibiotics until I developed a worse condition. And the worst of all was the incompetent doctor that botched my last surgery and left me on the table to fend for myself.

Worse, there are doctors that have mistreated my son. They’ve attempted to withhold antibiotics, and advised me against taking him to the hospital when he had a fever of 105F. But they are eager to pump him full of brand new, live vaccines, which have not been tested in the long term. I am almost convinced they are attempting to kill my child.

Dr. W., T.D.’s psychologist that diagnosed him with PDD-NOS on the ASD, was the worst of them all. At his diagnosis, she essentially handed me a stack of papers and sent me on my way. And still, she failed to include some crucial information.

T.D.’s pediatrician appointment did not start well. Dr. F. had a nasty demeanor. She started a physical exam when C.S. and I mentioned T.D. suffers from chronic diaper rash. She snapped, “Well, why is he still in a diaper.” I answered in a snotty tone, “Because he has Autism Spectrum Disorder.”.


Yeah, oh. Bitch.

She certainly changed her tone after than. Until, we got to the vaccinations. You see, we started vaccinations until T.D. was a little over a year old. That is when my FIL (father-in-law) was diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma. He started chemotherapy and it was recommended that T.D. stop the vaccines until my FIL was declared in remission. In that time, C.S. and I decided against them.

Don’t get me started on the vaccination debate. Suffice it to say, I’m not going to change my mind. But, I got those looks like I’m a terrible mother for signing that waiver.

Worse, they uncovered an ear infection in both of his ears. T.D. showed no symptoms and didn’t complain of pain. How was I supposed to know? He’s still largely non-verbal!

She treated me like a terrible parent all around and T.D. like he was retarded. I got crap for him not seeing a dentist. WTF?! Most dentists won’t see patients younger than 3. On top of that he has special needs!!! Do you think he’s going to sit still for an oral exam when I can’t get him to sit for a haircut? I don’t think so.

And here’s the cherry on top of the sundae. His BMI is high. So now, we all have to keep a constant and detailed food journal. Yeah, as if I’m going to be able to get all of his sitters on board with this. But, it has to be. I’m sure the next step is a dietitian and CYF at this point.

And at the end of our visit, she made it pretty clear that she doesn’t believe the diagnosis. Excuse me, are you a child psychologist? NO!. Don’t make judgments you aren’t qualified to make!

I do feel like a failure of a mother. Even when I know a doctor is trying to guilt trip me and fear monger me into doing things her way. I know my son better than any doctor could hope to.

At the very least, I’m pointed in the right direction as to where to get the referral for services. And unlike other pediatricians, she was not hesitant to prescribe medicine. Those are her only redeeming qualities.

I still absolutely detest that woman. I am rescheduling his appointment with another doctor. I never want to see her again.

Just another reason on the pile as to why I despise medical professionals.

5 thoughts on “The Farris Wheel

  1. There are good doctors and there are terrible doctors but I have found most of them fall somewhere on the spectrum of mediocre. Which is why, to paraphrase something I wrote about when you find a really good one, ‘Stick to them like a terrible, incurable mental illness, because you won’t likely find another.’

    You are a wonderful mother. I wish I were more highly functioning, because I would move back there in a heartbeat and be your son’s sole sitter, happily – and I would give you the friend rate. 😉 Then you wouldn’t have to worry about getting so many people on board with things like food journals. Although it’s probably for the best, as major change doesn’t go over well with most kids, and I have heard (I think) that it can be even more difficult on those on the spectrum/or who are diagnosed with autism.

    I just had to raise my eyebrow at the initial comment of “Why is he still in diapers?” Three years old, special needs or no special needs, that isn’t uncommon, many kids are just potty training then.

    Oh, and though I’m sure you’ve probably tried it, there’s this stuff called Dr. (Somebody’s) Butt Paste (no joke) that is the best thing I ever found for diaper rash, and it’s very soothing going on, so kids don’t squirm. Just in case that’s something which could help that particular.

    Sorry. I’m a trifle scattered.

  2. T.D does well with change, actually. It excites him. He loves meeting new people and certainly has a thing for pretty, dark haired ladies. If only you could be here! Lol! We need someone like you.

    There’s another doctor in the same practice we’ve seen before. I think we’re going to request him from now on. He’s a nice guy.

    And as for the butt paste, we’ve been there. These are yeast rashes, and they’re no match for the butt paste. Lol.

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  4. I know it’s very difficult to deal with medical “professionals”. I wish I could get my money back from incompetent doctors. Unfortunately, the best you can do is review them on sites like <a href=""Health Grades or report them to the medical board in a worst case scenario.

    You’re a good mom and you work hard at it. You know your son better than anyone else so don’t let them dictate your parenting skills. You’re NOT a failure as a mother. You love your son. You care for him the best way you can. That’s all anyone can ask for so don’t be down on yourself.

    I know it’s hard to deal with people who treat you like that. I suffer from it too. I hope you have better luck with the next pediatrician.

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