Garnets and Rubies

Today could not have been a more perfect day to meet her.

It was one of those days when everything was just so seamless. I climbed into T.D.’s new, twin, big-boy-bed to wake him for his last OT appointment. He was curled up in the center of the bed with books encircling him. I smiled and thought it was so like both C.S. and me. He opened his eyes, and he was all smiles too.

T.D. met most of his goals in his ISFP, and exceeded expectation in some. I showered and mentally picked out an outfit. White slouchy tunic and black and white floral skirt – with wooden and bronze jewelry, of course, for a more bohemian look. Wavy or straight? Easy, wavy. I was showered, dressed and out the door in less than an hour.

Everything was so fluid.

I stepped onto the sidewalk to a gorgeous day. The air was warm without the sun being hot on my skin. I headed to the restaurant on foot, two bags on my shoulder, with a cigarette in one hand and a Blackberry in the other.

About halfway there, it struck me. I had to ask, “Wait. Why am I not nervous?” I’m famous for The Big Deal – where I am so excited before something and suddenly get stricken with anxiety when it’s about to happen. Even just thinking about the absence of anxiety didn’t trigger anything. It was as if this was business as usual.

I had a little bit of a description to go on. As I approached, I did get a little worried I would be mistaken. But, I spotted her in the distance against the brick wall and knew who she was. It was incredible. She looked exactly as I had pictured her.

She started toward me and I asked, “Is this it?”


“Yeah, Ruby?!

Ruby Tuesday, was my first contact on WordPress. She has become a very dear friend and the mother of A Canvas of the Minds, although we are co-founders. Without her birthing it and nurturing it, Canvas would have never come to fruition.

We sat there in the little Italian restaurant, talking as if we had known each other since we were children. It was easy. We chatted about everything and anything. There was no strain or grasping for words. It was all there, as if it had been all along.

She did trip on her way out. I saw her on her ass on the sidewalk and all I wanted was for her not to be embarrassed. I thought that it was just so real. Everything about her is so real.

Maybe, it was because I was looking at her in the flesh. But, I suspect that it goes deeper than that. She’s absolutely gorgeous in the most natural way. Her words are meaningful, and her eyes are wide and interested, always looking at the world as if she is seeing it at the first time.

After we were finished eating, we sat on a bench in this little suburb of Pittsburgh and talked some more. The time flew by, and two hours just wasn’t enough. There so much to share in a bond like this. I really considered going in late just so we could have more time. But, I knew, even if I stalled, it still would not be enough.

The only thing I really wished we could have done was take a beautiful picture together with the gorgeous Pittsburgh foliage. Then, we could have both had a memento of what promises to be a lovely, close friendship.

To my radiant Ruby, thank you for the most perfect day.

11 thoughts on “Garnets and Rubies

  1. Damnit! I was thinking we could have asked the waiter to take our picture, but I was worried I would make you uncomfortable. . .

    Lulu, you are a gem and you make me out much better than I am, I think. What you wrote was so beautiful, my eyes filled with tears. I wrote mine up like an excited little girl, you stopped and thought and mulled and it was all so beautiful.

    Thank you for this memory.

    • Ha! I thought that it would freak you out! But, I can promise you this – though my memory is not great, I will never in my life forget that day.

      And, no, you are everything I wrote and more. I only got the snapshot, not the whole photo album. And, you surely didn’t write it up like an excited little girl! I read the whole thing with a smile on my face. And at some points, I kind of laughed. I never thought of myself as cute. Probably awkward and quirky, at best.

      Thank you for your lovely compliments. And thank you for this memory. I just live here, ya know. You’re the one who came to visit.

      • “She did trip on her way out. I saw her on her ass on the sidewalk and all I wanted was for her not to be embarrassed.”

        You’re so thoughtful. Like I mentioned in the comments of my post (and maybe in the body), I wasn’t. I fall a lot, so I actually kind of thought it was perfect that you saw it on our first meeting. 😉

        And of course you know I’ll be back. We’ll – and when I say we’ll I mean I’ll, plan it better next time, and we can do more of the things we want to and spend more time. Meantime I have to figure out about pressing flowers. I know I took the picture, but the flower you gave to me is like the snapshot we didn’t get, so I want to take it home and save it.

        • Aww, that’s so sweet. Send me a pic of the pressed flower.

          I only wish you could’ve seen the unpolished me. You know, the Lulu that fumbles for a word or a name because I’ve just simply forgotten it. The girl that rambles, not because of nerves, but that’s just what I do sometimes. Even better, the ones that goes on these intense rants about things. Usually it’s funny, and it’s almost always offensive to someone, somewhere.

          Oh! The best of all! The one that drops her purse frequently and all of the contents go flying! That happened yesterday, except with my teaching bag. I was so glad that it wasn’t my purse. The contents of my purse aren’t for children’s eyes.

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  3. This is beautiful, Lulu. I’m glad the day was such a lovely one for you, I know Ruby still can’t believe she actually got it together to meet you (frankly, neither can I), and she just couldn’t stop talking about how wonderfully things turned out. Don’t worry, she speaks only in generalities.

    But I do feel like I’m a little closer to you, in my way. We both know Ruby, and now the Canvas family has perhaps become a little closer, in its own unique way. 😀

    • Aww thanks Always! It’s good to see you around too! I don’t believe I’ve seen you in awhile. Have I? I’m not sure, my mind is a little foggy right now. But I do feel like the Canvas family is a lot closer and more tightly knit, too. Let’s hope it sticks! LOL!

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