My Sitter’s Spare Time is an EPIC Fail

I’m always all about leaving some funnies on my site.  It’s a nice pick-me-up when things are crappy.

I happened to be on IRL FB last night and saw a status from my good friend.  She was talking about how sick she was but how she and her roomate were still going to the bar.  Yeah, that’s while her kid called off for the entire week.  So much for getting her fine paid off so she could get off of probation.

Apparently, that’s not a problem.  This is what my sitter does in her spare time.

Comments, questions, and hilarious laughter are welcome.

3 thoughts on “My Sitter’s Spare Time is an EPIC Fail

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    • I don’t even know what to say about it anymore. First, I think it’s hilarious, just the whole failbook aspect of it. I’m almost embarrassed for her, because it ended up on Facebook. But those are the times we live in. Youtube among the reasons I don’t get drunk and do stupid things anymore. And I’m disappointed in her apparent lack of morals – as well as absolutely disgusted.

      All she had to do was come in to watch my son and she would have made more than enough money. But I guess being a whore is just easier than plopping a kid down for a nap and watching cable for three hours.

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