A Visit From a Fairy


At first, it hardly woke me. It’s usually pretty difficult to rouse me from sleep, unless it’s an usual, or possibly threatening noise. It was both. Someone was banging on my door entirely too early for me to be up on a Sunday morning.

I have to preface this. I don’t live in a great neighborhood. It’s not too bad because it’s not very violent. We have a lot of drugs, delinquent teens, vandalism, homelessness, and petty theft. And crackheads.

When someone comes banging on my door without calling, I automatically assume I don’t want to answer it. Really, I was too tired to care.


Ugh. It was enough to wake C.S., who was less pleased than I was. He went to investigate. I laid there awhile longer and heard a male talking. I huffed and got out of bed. Oh well, there went my hope of sleep.

I expected to find C.S. talking with the person he greeted at the door. Instead, I ran into him in the kitchen. I asked, “Who was it?” He rolled his eyes and said, “Some crazy looking blonde haired woman. Probably a crackhead. She’s outside talking to your dad in the back.” (Figures. My dad is the only person whose voice could carry through thick wooden, heavily insulated walls. Well, except mine.)

I looked out the window and knew the woman. I corrected C.S. and said, “That’s Nina!” Nina is our local animal rights activist. She’s infamous for taking in all manner of animals. She practically runs a foster home out of her house!

Chris said eagerly, “Poke your head down the window and yell out to them!”

“I’ll go down after I use the restroom and grab a smoke. You yell out.” (I’m not often pleasant in the morning.)

I was about to open the door to go down into the backyard when there was a knock at the side door. I opened the door and saw Nina’s face through the storm door. When I opened the storm door, I was shocked!

There Nina stood with a tiny calico – tabby mix kitten in her arms.

“C.S., come here!”

Nina had heard the news about Zen. In the same week, a cat had abandoned this kitten on Nina’s doorstep. Nina said, “I don’t have any more room. The winter’s coming and I’m afraid she’ll die.” We couldn’t refuse. She’s tiny, helpless, without her mother, and without a home.

I held her in my arms and she cried. But when C.S. held her and spoke, she went silent. She stared into his eyes like he was God. They were silent for a moment and he said, “Her name is Lexis. Wait, Alexis.” She chose her human.

We called it our visit from the Kitten Fairy.

The pain of losing Zen is still there. I was his human and he was my kitten. Alexis and I will probably not have the same kind of relationship.

But, I feel a little better. Out of that senseless tragedy, I was able to give this beautiful baby, who was sentenced to death, a loving home.

Zylexus – born 8/16/2011

4 thoughts on “A Visit From a Fairy

    • She does, a little. I still think about Zen. I still do things like watch so he doesn’t run out the front door and make sure I didn’t shut him in my son’s room at night. Lexx is still too young and too little to be doing anything like that. She can’t even make it up one stair, although she was trying today.

      I’m glad for her, though. She brings a lot of joy to my otherwise grumpy husband. I just heard him downstairs earlier cooing at her in the baby-talk voice. She always comes to greet me at the door when she hears my voice, and I’m always glad to see her when I come home.

  1. I am so glad to hear that you have a new fur-child in your life. I went through a similar situation when one of my angels passed 2 years ago. (She was a victim of poor health not violence.) Three months later, a new angel showed up at the side of our house. A feral mama kitty had abandoned her kitten in a snowstorm. We ended up fostering and then adopting him. He has some traits that are very much like the angel we lost. Someday I will share their story.

    • On my IRL FB, someone told me “Zen sent her to you”. I’d like to think that maybe he did. He probably knew that we needed each other.

      I still miss him very much. I really do. I still tear up a little sometimes.

      I hope you do share the kitty stories. I love hearing about children and animals.

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