Media Madness

Thursday, August 25, 2011 – Work! Hooray!

C.S. was interviewed for a promotion earlier in the week. It turns out, he got it! We don’t know many of the specifics yet. His new boss has to prepare a formal offer before we’ll have more information. All we know is that C.S. Is promoted to a manager of three departments. He will oversee production, operations, and the warehouse. He will be salaried and it will likely be a substantial pay raise. It’s such an exciting step forward in his career, and it’s been a long time coming.

I received my formal invitation to continue teaching during the school year. I am ecstatic! Another year with the kids, doing what I love best. Once T.D. is potty trained, he’ll be allowed to come to the preschool there! But there’s one problem. I start back on Seoptember 1st. From the time I was notified, I have only a week to get everything settled. Really, that’s not a whole lot of time. But it’s going to have to work out.

Friday, August 26, 2011 – Date Night
C.S. and I haven’t had a real date in over a year. And even then, we had a very short time to hurry out and come right back to pick up T.D. So, you probably know that we haven’t had a date after 9:30 in nearly three years now.

When my mother-in-law offered to have a sleepover with T.D., we were naturally overjoyed! C.S.’s boss just rewarded him with a movie gift certificate. And there is finally a movie out that seemed worth seeing!

But, as always, when I’m involved with a plan, it can never go on without a snag. We dropped T.D. off and were going to cut it very close. We managed to make it there just in time, only to find out that particular theater didn’t accept the gift card.

Ugh. Of course.

We drove home. There was no plan. All of our friends had already made plans with others. And I plopped on the sofa and began watching one of those annoying sitcoms that comes on at night. Well, I was more zoning out to it. The night really looked like it was going to be a bust.

Then, we found a showing at another theater! And off we went!

We went and saw The Help. It is an amazing movie about life for both the african americans and caucasians in Jackson, Mississippi during the 60’s. My husband and I are huge fans of African American movies. Personally, I’m a huge supporter of their culture in general. I absolutely recommend this movie. And I have very high standards.

It was a fantastic experience. We shared the theater with only two others. I can’t help myself but be absolutely obnoxious during movies. I talk and I laugh loudly, sometimes at inappropriate moments.

The best experiences of all was the car ride. Cool breeze nighttime breeze, the open road, and good company. I guess all we needed was a break from parenting to reconnect. I’m sure it won’t last, but I’m not going to let me stop myself from enjoying it.

Viral Videos Abound!
Did anyone happen to watch the Hurricane Irene coverage on The Weather Channel this weekend? If you didn’t, you need to see this:

Weather Channel Streaker

Also, I cannot believe I did not find out about this until now:

Nyan Cat

I always get a kick out of that! I cannot help but laugh. In fact, I have it bookmarked. I’m sure I’ll need it on a bad day.

Well, I guess that’s about it. I hope these videos could make your day as much as they made mine!

4 thoughts on “Media Madness

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  2. I’m glad you got your date night. I don’t know how parents do it! My good friend and her husband just got their first getaway together (ever – married almost seven years, two small children, very religious so no pre-marital getaways) and I know it was wonderful for them both.

    • It was funny. C.S. said to me, “We have to plan to do this more often!” I told him, “I’ve been saying that since our last date!”

      Some of our friends and family have teenagers that are coming of age. I probably wouldn’t mind having them over to watch T.D. in the evening. Especially if all they have to do is put him to bed!

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