Lulu! – Now Available on Facebook!

This is not really a post of much substance tonight. It’s like shameless promotion. I have a Facebook. If you have a Facebook, I’d love to keep up that way. Just invite me. If you have to search me, search LuLu Sunshine, pittsburgh, pa.

I’d love to be friends with the bloggers and have even better means to keep in touch.


2 thoughts on “Lulu! – Now Available on Facebook!

  1. I say promote away. I have my page, and I think because most everything is public, if readers are hesitant about contacting me, they can poke around and get a better sense of me. I may choose to omit particularly identifying details (surprise!) but everything on there is 100% completely true me.

    Hmm. I may have another idea cooking. Uh-oh! 😉

    • I’m as honest as I can be to protect my anonymity. And I have made sure that my social media circles don’t have any overlap. That would get me outed quicker than I care to think about.

      The personality is the same between the two. The only difference is the kinds of secrecy. My IRL self hides the BP to a large extent and Lulu hides the physical person and things surrounding that.

      My anonymity doesn’t make me hesitate to reach out to others. I’ve said it before, there isn’t enough advocacy for BP so there is no social understanding and tolerance of it’s effects. We need to gather together to rally against the “norms”. We don’t want to be them, and we won’t conform to their standard of normality in our society. We won’t deny that BP affects us and it’s a part of us. It does make us different, for better or worse. The same goes for every other illness, disability, disorder, and whatever else it’s politically correct to call it these days.

      I’m done on my soap box. For now anyway.

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